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Collapse The Creative Side of IP Valuation -
When to Use Alternate IP Valuation Approaches

Techniques for valuing intellectual property continue to develop. The actual practice of valuing intellectual property has only been around for the past few decades. During that time, a few methodologies have become standard, but as with art forms, creativity in valuation has evolved, producing alternate valuation approaches.


This webinar is sponsored by the LES Valuation and Pricing Committee. All LES members are invited to participate in this special interest group.  For more information about the Valuation and Pricing Committee, please visit this page.

Note regarding CLE: LES is re-evaluating its policy and procedure as it relates to CLE credits with the intent of increasing what is offered and simplifying the process.  As that effort continues, LES will not be seeking CLE approval for this particular webinar course, but we will return to that practice shortly.

Formats Available: Streaming, The Creative Side of IP Valuation - When to Use Alternative IP Valuation Approaches
Original Seminar Date: January 11, 2017
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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