Although most of us subscribe to the win-win negotiation philosophy, IP negotiations are not always so collegial. There are many 'dirty little tricks' that we have seen - and have probably used, too! These negotiation tactics often raise ethical concerns which will be examined in this Webinar, along with different variations of these strategies, considering the ethical issues that each raises. The attendee will be presented with various IP negotiation tactics, some of which might be called "dirty tricks", and will be given considerations in planning a response. Additionally, the Webinar will present basis rules of ethics for IP negotiations, with a primary focus on the LES code of Ethics, as well as contract law considerations. Attendees will sharpen their insights into negotiation tactics while gaining a better understanding of ethical conduct for licensing professionals.

Seminar Objectives
  • Sharpen your insight into IP negotiation tactics
  • Understand the basic rules of ethics of IP negotiations, with a primary focus on the LES code of Ethics
  • Learn how to analyze considerations in planning a response to "dirty tricks"
Know When You're Being Tricked: How to Deal with Unethical Tactics in Negotiations
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Brad DeSandro   [ view bio ]
Thomas Major   [ view bio ]
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