Aside from reaching an agreement on the payment terms of a license agreement, the most difficult issues to resolve in order to close a deal involve the allocation and management of risk.  This workshop will discuss several challenging risk-related issues for IP dealmakers, such as:

  • indemnities and exceptions
  • limitations on liability
  • warranties and disclaimers
  • control over IP enforcement
  • ownership and residual knowledge in R&D agreements
  • balancing business concerns with  "getting the deal done". 

Examples will be taken from actual deals, primarily in the high tech sector.  However, the general principles discussed are relevant and transferable to other technology sectors.

Seminar Objectives
  • Understand the general principles of closing the deal
  • Learn how to approach difficult issues such as the allocation and management of risk
The Devils in the Deals: Sticky Transactional Issues
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James Sobieraj   [ view bio ]
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