In their January 2011 Uniloc v Microsoft decision, a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals panel decided that "the 25 percent rule of thumb is a fundamentally flawed tool for determining a baseline royalty rate in a hypothetical negotiation".  In an industry that has accepted the 25% rule for more than a decade, this is a fundamental change.  Did the Federal Circuit get it right?  What impact will this ruling have for tax valuations, licensing discussions, and litigation damages cases?  What will this mean for the licensing executive?  LES (USA & Canada) President Mike Lasinski will lead a panel in a discussion of the decision and its impact.  The panel consists of Mohan Rao, Managing Director, Navigant Economics; Justin A. Nelson, Partner, Susman Godfrey LLP; and John Jarosz, Managing Principal, Analysis Group, who co-authored the paper on the 25% rule cited extensively by the Federal Circuit.

Seminar Objectives
  • Learn how the 2011 decision impacts tax valuations, licensing discussions, and litigation damages
  • Understand what this new thinking means for the licensing executive
Uniloc v Microsoft: The Decision and Its Impact on IP Valuation
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Mohan Rao   [ view bio ]
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