Revenue reporting for IP licenses may sound simple, but most royalty auditors say underreporting is common. Auditing may seem like the obvious solution, but royalty audits don’t always go smoothly. If you have ever considered calling an audit, this new webinar is recommended. Frequently asked questions about royalty auditing and royalty auditors will be addressed, and best practices for your license compliance program will be presented. Topics include auditing rights language, audit triggers, auditing processes, auditing risks, sources of errors and fraud, findings reports, and claim dispute resolution. The discussion will include how and why reporting error or fraud occurs, and ways to prevent and correct it.  Participants will improve their ability to collect all the revenue earned by their IP assets.

Seminar Objectives
  • Learn how and why reporting error or fraud occurs, and the ways to prevent and correct it
  • Improve your ability to collect all revenue earned by your IP assets
What They Won't Tell You About Royalty Auditing
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Scott Bechtel   [ view bio ]
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