These are unprecedented times with no more easy solutions. What has worked in  the past either seems to no longer be effective, or is clearly broken. Never has the need for innovation been greater, and never has the competition for quality of assets been fiercer. At the same time, gaps in funding and economic pressures have contributed to the decline in the inventory of quality opportunities. Or is this not the case? What is the state of innovation in the life sciences today? Where do we look for the next big ideas? How should we work to create value and unmet needs? Join our panel of thought leaders and weigh in with your own thoughts and ideas.

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Seminar Date:
May 16, 2012
2012 Spring Meeting Plenary Session: Licensing to Solve the Innovation Gap
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Daniel Behr   [ view bio ]
Jeff Elton   [ view bio ]
Robert Langer   [ view bio ]
Mark Nawacki   [ view bio ]
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