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October 15, 2012
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Monday October 15, 2012
As biotechnology and pharmacology begin to intersect with nanotechnology, electronics, communications, and data metrics, what will future services, products, business models, and markets look like? Melding the sciences is one thing, but what special regulatory problems might we anticipate? As IP licensing professionals, will it shake up our world such that we should be looking for another career before then? Or will we see it as nothing more than an extension of the opportunities and problems we enjoy today?
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Dr. Eric Topol   [ view bio ]
The Secretary of State of Investment & International Cooperation and LESI Certified Licensing Practitioner Alaya Bettaieb will speak about the economic road maps for recovery of post-revolution Tunisia and other North African countries following the turmoil of the past year. Mr. Bettaieb will focus particularly on the international partnerships required to rebuild an economy through IP-based development, and will explain why intellectual property is important to improve the growth prospects and future prosperity of Northern Africa and the Middle East.
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Alaya Bettaieb   [ view bio ]
Convergence in the energy space will take years.  While many emerging and newly commercial technologies continue to look towards the US Government, and other Governments, for funding, we'll hear from experts on deal structures and finance in traditional areas, such as oil and gas, as compared to Clean Tech. Combined with a brief overview of Clean Tech patenting trends, we'll host a lively discussion on how funds will evaluate the IP trail among other trends.
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Ada C. Nielsen MBA, CLP   [ view bio ]
Matthew Rappaport   [ view bio ]
Ben Shaw   [ view bio ]
Welcome to Canada, please watch your step. Canadian and US law is similar in many ways. There are important differences, however, that can be traps for the unwary who enter into cross-border transactions. Come spend an hour with leading Canadian and US counsel and IP owners for a panel discussion on potential pitfalls in cross-border IP transactions and how to avoid them.
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Stuart Ash   [ view bio ]
Daniel Glazer   [ view bio ]
James Longwell   [ view bio ]
Chris Metcalfe   [ view bio ]
Phil Shaer   [ view bio ]
Panelists will include speakers from various sectors with experience in structuring complex partnerships. They will discuss their experience in creating models for public private partnerships, and provide insight on their own needs and constraints, as well as their perspectives on working with other represented entities. Panelists may address how they evaluate investments and potential partners, and success stories in their particular partnership models.
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Mark G. Bloom   [ view bio ]
Eugene Buff   [ view bio ]
Glenn Jordan   [ view bio ]
Mark Peterson   [ view bio ]
Dr. Eirk Stenehjem   [ view bio ]
Results from this year's survey will be shared and trends will be highlighted based on comparisons with the 2008 and 2010 surveys. A panel of experts across the spectrum of life sciences will also discuss their participation in recent notable deals. They'll discuss how deal factors vary across industry subsectors and review technology trends that may be affecting dealmaking. The panelists will also provide perspectives on factors that drive differences between the "average" deal values observed in the survey and high-end outliers that capture headlines. The session will conclude with suggestions on how dealmakers can best use benchmarks and comparables to set internal expectations and in advancing negotiations.
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Ben Bonifant   [ view bio ]
Jeff Snell   [ view bio ]
Deni Zodda   [ view bio ]
This workshop will show licensing executives how to navigate the market for mobile apps, including how the apps are reviewed and accepted by Apple and approved by Google, and how consumers purchase and download apps. It will discuss the contracting methods and payment systems. The workshop will also address the special issues of mobility, such as geolocation and collection of information from a user's smart phone. Congress and courts have been setting new rules in this space, and the presentation will describe the most up-to-date legal requirements for data collection and behavioral marketing to smart phone users.
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Ted Claypoole   [ view bio ]
When resources are scarce, applying those resources to the right activities is critical. How to determine the right activities? Which ones will best grow value? This workshop will address issues arising in today's early-stage technology commercialization environment. Presenters will discuss strategies to grow the value of a medical technology portfolio prior to licensing, next-stage funding or next-round financing. This will include methodology to identify and prioritize risk mitigation and opportunity pursuits in order to enhance the chances of success.
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Jackie Csonka-Peeren   [ view bio ]
Aaron Fenster   [ view bio ]
Jennifer Fraser   [ view bio ]
Certain license terms can de-value licensed assets. Naturally, deal makers focus on economics and other deal terms that matter. But too often both academic technology managers and corporate licensing executives overlook terms that can negatively affect value downstream. This panel is compiled of legal, finance, and business development leaders who will expose and explore deal terms that kill value.
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Louis P. Berneman   [ view bio ]
Christopher Cox   [ view bio ]
Todd C. Davis   [ view bio ]
Dr. Matthew Raymond   [ view bio ]
 Many commercial transactions with PRC companies start with the signing of a NDA in order to share confidential business information. At this early stage the foreigners often use their standard form NDA. Such NDAs usually lack the PRC contractual formalities and do not provide the evidence necessary for enforcement. The enforcement rate for such NDAs is quite low.  The workshop will discuss the basics of trade secret protection in the PRC, the litigation system and the rules and the type of evidence necessary for enforcement. Finally there will recommendations on how to prepare an NDA for the PRC.
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Paul Jones   [ view bio ]
Rui Wang   [ view bio ]
Intellectual property (IP) ownership is often poorly addressed in general business agreements, and even employment and license agreements may not be current with recent developments. This session will: identify key IP ownership issues which should be explicitly addressed; illustrate best practices for conveying or acquiring IP rights; explore jurisdictional concerns; and identify risks in ownership-related representations and warranties prevalent in IP-related agreements often ignored as "just boilerplate." Panelists will address the impact of recent US and Canadian court decisions that draw attention to the importance of specific, clear terminology when drafting IP ownership provisions or reviewing/amending existing licenses and other agreements.
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Steven J. Henry   [ view bio ]
Sarah Howe   [ view bio ]
Christopher Hunter   [ view bio ]
Maryanne Trevisan   [ view bio ]
Patrick R.H. Waller   [ view bio ]
Zoran Z. Zdraveski   [ view bio ]
Focusing on our current business environment which encourages collaboration and joint research and development, a panel of patent attorneys will discuss: 1) provisions of the America Invents Act and court decisions such as Stanford v. Roche in application to employer's rights to employee's invention; 2) circumstances under which an employee may have a duty to assign his invention; 3) specific issues in connection with inventions originating from research funded by the Federal government; and 4) IP rights in inventions created under collaborative agreements.
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Dr. Kate Berezutskaya   [ view bio ]
Carmela DeLuca   [ view bio ]
Dr. Sean Jauss   [ view bio ]
Robert Smyth   [ view bio ]
Bob Smythe   [ view bio ]
Leading licensing executives from a selection of important sectors answer your questions about the role and impact of strategy in technology development, commercialization, technology transfer and IP value creation. Hear firsthand some actual experiences in the real world of intellectual assets + market research + hunch = game plan, and the rewarding (or not) outcomes. The similarities and differences of the IP strategy approaches of different sectors – IT, life science, university and government will be discussed, together with what the sectors might learn from each other.
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Christopher D. McKinney   [ view bio ]
Gregory A. Nelson   [ view bio ]
Paul A. Stewart   [ view bio ]
Licensing professionals across all industries can gain competitive insight and adaptive strategies from license agreements developed and executed during the past decade's market conditions. Supplementing the LES Royalty Rate Surveys, this workshop will present statistics garnered from investigating tens of thousands of market licensing agreements in the pharmaceuticals, software, consumer products, telecommunications, and chemicals industries with effective dates spanning 2001 to present. The presenters will discuss trends in international licensing, agreement payment structures, and exclusivity for each industry and will also compare and contrast these points across and between industries.
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Christopher Desmond   [ view bio ]
David Jarczyk   [ view bio ]
Dwight C. Olson   [ view bio ]
Tuesday October 16, 2012
What is going on with patent buys? A new NPE cleverly called Rockstar Bidco spends $4.5 billion for Nortel patents. Google buys Motorola Mobility and 17,000 patents for $12.5 billion. Microsoft pays more than a billion dollars for less than 1,000 AOL patents and then turns around and sells two-thirds of them to Facebook. Have patents taken center stage and deals like this will continue indefinitely?  Or is this simple speculation, no different from tulips and housing? Will there be a repeat of the crash of internet stocks?  Why or why won't the same pattern be seen in life sciences? Industry leaders and pundits including Joff Wild, editor of IAM Magazine and Dooyong Lee of Acacia will dissect what has happened and opine about what might come next.
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Joseph S. Dillon MBA, CLP   [ view bio ]
Michael Lasinski   [ view bio ]
Dooyong Lee   [ view bio ]
Charles Neuenschwander   [ view bio ]
Joff Wild   [ view bio ]
In today's sometimes chaotic environment of securing the space necessary to implement corporate product and marketing strategies, IP objectives for various industries can have differing requirements. Life sciences might require a small number of fundamental patents to win over very large markets while high tech companies build massive arsenals and industry standard portfolios to do the same. But even within the same industry there are many alternative strategies for ensuring freedom to operate in the marketplace.

This session will focus on the questions of how our enterprises can best use the tools available to us to carve out our commercial space. Input from a variety of industry sectors will be solicited so that we all may expand our toolboxes, knowing that there is no one right answer in any deal. The audience will participate throughout by communicating throughout the assembly hall via crowd-sourcing techniques, including texting and tweeting, with the results seen by all.
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Kathleen Denis   [ view bio ]
Richard Razgaitis   [ view bio ]
This workshop includes an interactive panel discussion with cross industry experts addressing topics such as: The benefits of brand licensing; Growth potential; Brand/Property recognition; R&D/innovation; Emerging market expansion; Selecting brands as potential brand licensing targets; What is the value proposition for licensee and licensor?; Strategies that the licensor can use to protect the brand; Key Deal Terms; Management of a brand licensing program - internal or external?; and Setting expectations within your company.
Speaker Information
Van Araujo   [ view bio ]
Peter J. Canalichio   [ view bio ]
Juli Saitz   [ view bio ]
Robin Sitver   [ view bio ]
Around the world, societies now expect oil companies to operate if the business activities have a wider and positive ripple effect to make their business truly clean and sustainable. Demand for petroleum may decrease in the developed countries over the next decades. However, the consumption growth in emerging economies will more than compensate for those declines. Regional economic development, the creation of new jobs, and strengthening local communities are becoming pressing needs of the time and have become imperatives for successful and sustainable hydrocarbon businesses.
Speaker Information
Paul Germeraad   [ view bio ]
Rashid Khan   [ view bio ]
Leila Vandenabeele   [ view bio ]
Anthony Venturino   [ view bio ]
As we transition into the knowledge economy, intellectual property assets play an increasing role as the basis for value. The panel will explore navigating the complexities of patents and how the role they play requires special expertise. For large and small portfolios, the knowledge and skill to narrow efforts to the most valuable IP is essential to the IP management process. Moreover, as advanced systems increasingly integrate technology from a host of industries, addressing the intangible rights of the original developers is not easy. Establishing the freedom to incorporate new ideas and technology is important along with understanding the risks.
Speaker Information
Bruce H. Bernstein   [ view bio ]
William C. Elkington   [ view bio ]
Ian D. McClure   [ view bio ]
Kevin Spivak   [ view bio ]
This workshop will present, compare, contrast, and explain key findings from the LES royalty rate and deal terms surveys from the CEEM, High Tech, and Life Sciences sectors.  Intellectual property developed for one industry or set of end-use applications often has use in other industries and other end-use applications. This workshop will give licensing professionals an understanding of how value is assigned and shared in transactions across different industries within the context of upfront and milestone payments, royalty rates, and deal terms. This workshop will demonstrate how market characteristics for the 'products' arising from the intellectual property affect deal terms.
Speaker Information
Hal Craig   [ view bio ]
Robert F. Held CLP   [ view bio ]
Jiaqing "Jack" Lu   [ view bio ]
Deni Zodda   [ view bio ]
This workshop will demonstrate that given all the same facts, differing perceptions can drive dramatically different negotiation outcomes. Since individual and team psychology shape our perceptions, they drive how our choices are made, decisions formed and how we negotiate. Participants will learn how to recognize the psychology that they, their team and the other side bring to negotiations and how to choose and apply an innovative tool and method to create better results and terms, reduced conflict and more effective relationships. The workshop will begin with an introductory presentation followed by a highly interactive session with the speaker, panelists and the audience.
Speaker Information
Sandeep K. Agarwal MD, PhD   [ view bio ]
Cheryl Cejka   [ view bio ]
Robert Fisher   [ view bio ]
Lenny Terry   [ view bio ]
The Apple v. Samsung patent litigation quickly spread to nine different jurisdictions around the world. It is not alone. The use of multi-national patent litigation is gaining in popularity as a litigation tactic. It is used to gain strategic advantage through fast injunctions and fast decisions in key markets outside the United States to leverage a faster and more favorable worldwide license agreements. Senior licensing experts will discuss strategies and tools such as: What factors are driving the increasing use of multi-national litigations?, What role does the ITC play?, Why litigate in some jurisdictions but not others?, How do evidence requirements change?, and What are the pitfalls awaiting the unwary litigation tourist?
Speaker Information
Julia Elvidge   [ view bio ]
Graham Gerst   [ view bio ]
Elliot Papageorgiou   [ view bio ]
Alex Wilson   [ view bio ]
Licensing in 2012 brings new and unique challenges due to a variety of changes in law, policy, and procedures. This workshop will highlight recent changes in US law, and changes in US government antitrust policy, all of which will impact licensing in 2012 generally, and the drafting of clauses for license agreements specifically. It will also provide an overview of changes in connection with US patent law reform and in connection with pending cases in the US Courts.
Speaker Information
Russell E. Levine P.C., CLP   [ view bio ]
Life sciences business faces big problems.  ROI in negative territory discourages investment in early stage technology and companies, even as pharma relies more on outside R&D. Repurposing can go beyond the Viagra 'accidents': Mr. Kahn will show how philanthropy can fund rapid deployment of new uses for 'old' drugs. Mr. Warden will describe how BV's COSS, a Big Data technology, can systematically track all drugs, diseases, human targets and adverse events to produce additional product indications for its pharma clients while discovering its own proprietary cures for cancers, CNS, and AI disorders. Non-profits and for-profits can produce repurposed cures quickly.
Speaker Information
Edward Kahn   [ view bio ]
John L. Warden Jr.   [ view bio ]
Wednesday October 17, 2012
Outspoken Honourable Judge Roger Hughes of the Federal Court of Canada and ever candid Honorable Paul Michel, retired Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit will discuss Canadian and US patent environments in a global context and raise and address issues they perceive will positively or negatively impact inventiveness over the next decade. Are the US and Canada getting it right as they evolve case law and pass legislation? As licensing professionals, what worries should we have about where this is all headed?
Speaker Information
Hon. Roger T. Hughes   [ view bio ]
Hon. Paul R. Michel   [ view bio ]
Brian P. O'Shaughnessy   [ view bio ]
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