When bringing the results of Nanotechnology R&D to market, companies and universities run into challenges related to intellectual property rights and other legal and regulatory issues. An effective commercialization of Nanotechnology innovation requires basic knowledge of all the relevant issues and a well-defined strategy, while the absence of such knowledge and strategy can be detrimental to the commercial potential in this emerging field.


This session will explore the most critical challenges that a company or university faces when commercializing Nanotechnology IP in the US and around the world. Featuring an international, cross-disciplinary group of experts, the panel will discuss the unique challenges related to the management, commercialization and value creation associated with Nanotechnology IP, as the industry follows the path from early stage to maturity.  The focus will be on providing a practical guide to managers and scientists at universities and companies, providing them with industry specific basic knowledge of the prosecution, strategic use, valuation and licensing of Nanotechnology IP. We will also cover topics related to Nanotechnology investment, university-industry collaboration and environment health and safety.

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November 30, -0001
The Path to Creating, Managing and Extracting Value from IP in Nanotechnology
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