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Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
September 23, 2013
Keynote Session: Myriad Genetics: From Concept to Reality
Industry Cross-Sector Mini-Plenary: License or Litigate?: Lessons Learned From Doing Deals Instead of Doing Battle
Industry Cross-Sector Mini-Plenary: Special Techniques and Insights when Valuing Intellectual Property Transactions: From Early Stage to Maturity
Industry Cross-Sector Mini-Plenary: The Role of IP in Multi-Disciplinary Deals
Industry Cross-Sector Mini-Plenary: The Role of IP in M&A Strategy and Dealmaking: Views from Different industries and Constituents
1-A: Funding Alternative: Corporate VCs - How to Get In, Stay In and Exit (Happily)!
1-B: An Examination of the AST Purchase of the MIPS Technologies Portfolio
1-C: Patent Market and Monetization: Valuation, Liquidity, and Other Challenges
1-D: Better Researched Opportunities, Better Deal Outcomes
2-A: Creating Value For Novel Platform Technology Engines; Ratchet Up Your Negotiating Skills with Insights into Competitive Platform Deals
2-B: Patent Issues in the Cloud Service and Storage Industry
2-C: Patent License Valuation in the Real World
2-D: Collaborating between Industry and Academic Healthcare Institutions – A Changing Landscape
Featured Panel: To Troll or Not to Troll? Legislative, Judicial and Market-Based Solutions
CEEM Mini-Plenary - A: When Bad Things Happen to Good Deals
High Tech Mini-Plenary B: The JOBS Act, Crowdfunding & the Future of Innovation
IUGI Mini-Plenary C: Managing Conflicts in License Language: Know What to Expect Before Drafting the Agreement
Life Sciences Mini-Plenary D: Dealmaking in an Obamacare World - Strategies & Tradeoffs
3-A: The Inside Scoop on Dealmaking from the Big Pharma Licensing Executives
3-B: Strategic Alliances and Defensive Patent Strategies - Different Models Achieving Similar Results?
3-C: Get Your Fair Share of the Deal
3-D: Top 10 Court Decisions of 2013 Affecting Licensing
4-A: Sponsored & Collaborative Research: IP in Deals Between Universities/Research Institutions and Industry
4-B: War of the Titans: Several Decisions Making Milestones
4-D: Moving a Mountain with a Village: Accelerating Natural Gas in Transportation via Licensing and Strategic Collaborations
4-E: Hot Topic: Congress v Trolls: Big Implications for Licensing and the Future of Innovation
CP Mini-Plenary A: Introduction and Protecting the Brand in Licensing
CP Mini-Plenary A: Protecting the IP in Licensing and Panel Discussion - Protecting the Brand Versus Protecting the IP - Considerations in Licensing Using Examples from Many Well-Known Brands
CEEM Mini-Plenary B: The Increasing Importance of Trade Secrets in Intellectual Property Portfolio Management in an Uncertain Patent Landscape
CEEM Mini-Plenary B: Perspectives from Inside
IUGI Mini-Plenary C: Philly Nanotechnology - A Brotherly Collaboration of Industry, University and Government Interplay
High Tech Mini-Plenary D: The Insiders' Perspective on the Kodak Auction: What Really Happened and What It Means
Life Sciences Mini-Plenary E: Connecting Proof of Relevance™ to Proven Value for Pharma
Life Sciences Mini-Plenary E: Biotechnology Innovations after Myriad and Prometheus
Luncheon Speaker: How Innovation is Driving Improvements in Healthcare
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