Companies continue to concentrate their wealth in the form of intellectual property. Extracting the most value from these assets has led to a proliferation in assertive licensing strategies, and in turn, negative sentiment about licensing. But licensing can also be a boon to companies, solving problems with technologies from unexpected quarters and allowing partners to fill gaps in their competencies. Likewise, know-how and patent IP can create competitive advantage for licensees outside the competitors of the inventing company if you can figure out who else has that problem to solve, at a price that makes sense for their business.

How can you see bridges where others saw holes? 


Attendees will learn how to: 

  • Scout strategic partners for licensing technology
  • Quantify strengths and weaknesses of prospective licensees
  • Evaluate partners using a balanced scorecard.


Featured Speakers: 


Esmaeil Khaksari, Product Manager, Search & Analytics, CPA Global
Esmaeil is the Product Manager for IP Search & Analytics at CPA Global and Innography. He has two decades of experience in data extraction, manipulation, and visualization. He has launched over 12 new service offerings since 2014, including Patent Market Tracker. Esmaeil has published over 25 articles & whitepapers in Intellectual Property analytics, including patent analysis techniques and commentary on patent markets. He regularly speaks at industry conferences, on-site events, and webinars. Esmaeil holds an M.B.A. and B.S. in Computer Science.


Monty Wright, VP, IP Assets, GE Ventures Licensing, GE Ventures - Licensing

Dr. John (Monty) Wright is VP, IP Assets, in General Electric's Patent Licensing group within GE Ventures - Licensing business. In that role, he is responsible for the inception of new patent licensing programs, patent valuation and analytic support of assertion, technology transfer, and acquisition opportunities. The IP Assets team feeds patent intelligence organized by portfolios and target value chains into the early phases of the Patent Licensing Program Development Process, then supports those nascent programs as they mature in the hands of teams developing technical mapping and ultimately to legal teams for assertion program execution. Patent Licensing is recognized in GE as resource for advanced patent analytics and tools, especially as they relate to managing very large portfolios.


Prior to joining GE, Monty was the founding Manager of the Eastman Kodak Intellectual Property Strategy Office and then private practice as an IP consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Prior to his IAM assignment at Kodak, Monty held a variety of R&D and management roles, including managing research programs for the consumer imaging business. He has command and staff experience in the U.S. Army at echelons from company to corps. Monty is a Certified Licensing Professional; he holds a MS in Information Systems Management from USC and has a PhD in Computational Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin.


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Seminar Objectives
  • Attendees will learn how to: • Scout strategic partners for licensing technology. • Quantify strengths and weaknesses of prospective licensees. • Map patents to products using machine intelligence. • Evaluate partners using a balanced scorecard.
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September 14, 2016 1:00 PM Eastern
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Partnership Techniques: the role of licensing within the Tech Transfer process
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Partnership Techniques: the role of licensing within the Tech Transfer process
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